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The human race is going through the most rapid change in history and, at the heart of this change, is the transformation of our economic system. We are changing from a monetary based economy to a resource based economy that brings into play the effective scientific management of natural resources and insures every person the right to a high standard of living and a sustainable future.

By utilizing scientific methodologies and new technologies with a multidimensional information management system, it is possible to effectively and efficiently build new, intelligent communities, manage wastes and pollution, insure ample supplies of food; energy, clean water, and shelter (see Introduction). We can clean up the environment (see the Phoenix Project). We have outlined the basic sciences upon which the new economic system is based (see The Conscious Capitalism Manifesto) and the implementation of a series of educational courses that assist organizations to make the shift in natural and effective ways (see 14 Elements).

Since 1969 we have been exploring the applications of science to solving complex problems and have achieved remarkable results in a wide variety of fields (for more details see: www.holodynamics.com). This exploration has naturally evolved to include the monetary system. As we explore the assumptions of the monetary-based economic system we realize how, by transforming the false assumptions we can establish a new, natural system that does not profit from pollution, does not require cyclic consumerism nor wantonly waste the precious resources of the planet or profit from continual war, separation games and etc., (see Introduction). The predictable results are astonishing. When we change the assumptions everything changes and, in our current situation, we need to change.

The International Academy of Holodynamics (herein the Academy) offers courses on the Science of Consciousness (see: Holodynamics.com). From these courses has emerged the Conscious Capitalism Movement which is the activist arm of the Academy with its consultation series (see 14 Elements of Performance) provides an arena in which people and organizations can make the shift. We have tested each principle and proved its effectiveness in multiple dimensions and in multiple cultures and found it to be a natural basic support system for sustainability. We invite you to explore this information and, if you like it, become a Conscious Capitalist. Together we can help build a sustainable future NOW.

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