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What is Conscious Capitalism?

Conscious Capitalism is the scientific application of information to the social/economic behavior of humans. The result is a natural, renewable, balanced, sustainable resource-based economy that is governed by a multidimensional information management system.

Conscious Capitalism applies universally, beyond any political, economic, race, class, belief or region.

What are the goals of Conscious Capitalism?

The three primary goals of Conscious Capitalism are to:

  1. Establish Sustainability
  2. Develop Effective Management of all resources on the planet
  3. Balance the Biosphere

In order to reach these goals the Conscious Capitalism Movement uses the scientific method, the implementation of new technologies and the organization of activist groups. References for the scientific basis of the Conscious Capitalism Movement can be found in Dr. Woolf’s book: Conscious Capitalism: the Holodynamics of Business (2011) in which he outlines 95 Treatises on the science of Conscious Capitalism. Click here for access.

When we apply the scientific method to resource management we recognize that we are living in a finite world with limited resources and, at the rate we are consuming resources, we will run out within less than 25 years. In order to insure that future generations will have sufficient resources so they can survive and thrive, we need to implement:

  • A multidimensional resource management system
  • Use scientific management methodologies and technologies
  • Distribute resources on a equalitarian basis and
  • Provide a universal high standard of living

To accomplish this we must become Conscious Capitalists and establish a resource based economy. For those interested in the Consultation Series for your organization, click here.

We use the scientific method because, of all the methodologies or schools of thought that have been developed by our ancestors, science has proven to be the most accurate and consistently productive. The use of scientific methodology has been a major factor in spiriting humanity out of the dark ages and into the greatest transition in the history of our species. Science has become a universal language and provides the basis for new information that is solving some of the most complex challenges ever faced by the human race.

We use the science of consciousness because, according to physics, all matter is made of information in motion. Everything, from micro to macro, is part of an emerging field of consciousness. We live in a holographic, conscious universe. Everything that has form is made of in-form-ation. The science consciousness is the study of what is real and, of all the various branches of science, the Holodynamic science of consciousness is the most inclusive and effective approach to solving complex problems because it considers the universe to be one whole living dynamic (holodynamic).

Conscious Capitalism is the activist arm of the International Academy of Holodynamics (the Academy). Since 1969, the Academy has been teaching the science of consciousness and those who have adapted its principles and processes and applied them in society have been so successful that Conscious Capitalism has become a world-wide movement (The Conscious Capitalism Movement). Its tender concerns the survival of the human race and our interaction with Nature. Its goal is sustainability and biological balance.

We use a multidimensional information management system because we live in a multidimensional world where everything and everyone is, in some dimension, connected. The Conscious Capitalist considers the planet as a conscious, self-organizing living entity that operates according to fractal scalar laws that are universal. In order for any system to be effective it must operate within a framework that includes the ability to respond to the basic laws of reality. This applies to economics. A Conscious Capitalist understands the multiple dimensions involved in economics and applies a multidimensional framework to establish economic balance and sustainability.

After more than four decades of research and testing of applications, Dr. Woolf has outlined in detail the basic premises of the science of Conscious Capitalism in The Conscious Capitalist Manifesto that serves as a handbook for those who actively choose to establish effective resource management and sustainability on the planet. The scientific treatises outlined in the book outline new information from various branches of science and his organization of the information shows how it applies directly to business and our economic model.

The new information reveals that matter is made of spinners of information that emanate from hyperspace. In other words, everything is conscious and these spinners of information that form reality are coming from the enfolded dimension of hyperspace. From all indications, hyperspace is more complex than our space-time dimension (contains enfolded potential). So how we conduct business is more complex than most people realize and that’s what’s getting us into so much trouble.

We live in a holographic universe where everything and everyone and everywhen are interacting projections from a more complex dimension. As we explore the various dimensions of reality, it becomes clear that we live in a conscious, multidimensional, holographic, interacting universe where everything, everyone and everywhen are connected within a quantum field of unfolding potential. We are ever-improving the quality of consciousness. Business is part of this complex system.

Consciousness is defined as the ability to respond to the environment and each human and each social system is composed of individuated information sets that are interacting in order to manifest enfolded potential and thus improve the quality of consciousness within the conscious field. This is why, with the passage of time, everything and every species are constantly changing and evolving.

The human species, like everything else, is developing into a more mature species. That is why we are currently undergoing the most rapid and dynamic change in human history and business is no exception.

We have learned more in the past few years than was accumulated by all our ancestors in the past and, at the rate new information is pouring in, we will soon double the amount information each year. The entire human race is expanding its view of reality at an exponential rate.

In overview, we have evolved from the wandering nomad tribes of gatherers and hunters, to tribal communities of herders and farmers, to feudal systems and now into mega cities of globally interacting systems. Improved technologies have made us more mobile, given us almost instant communication with anyone on the planet and we now have the ability to harvest more resources, energy, food and shelter than ever before. What is emerging is an entirely different and more mature way of managing our resources. We are becoming more sustainable and central to this evolution is the development of a more conscious resource-base economy. We call this resource-based economic system Conscious Capitalism.

In order to better understand this emerging system, it is necessary to understand the conditions that make the changes necessary, how the new system works and how each of us can become a part of the new system.

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