Real Solutions: Conscious Capitalism

In reality, our economic system was contrived. It was made up and marketed better than any other system. It has power because we believe in it. Like an aggressive weed that, on the surface, looks good, it has infiltrated every corner of the planet and, in spite of its record of short term gains, or, depending on how you look at it, perhaps because of its record, it is doomed to failure. It is an economic system that is not sustainable and it is in the process of dying. We must create a new economic model and a new system of sustainability.

At the core of the change are people. People are sustainable. We are resilient. We adapt. We come from a long line of survivors who had overcome a long list of extreme situations in the past. Our survival mode is built into our genetic codes. We chose to be here at this time and in this place. We know we can change the economic system and everything associated with it and people from all over the planet are engaging in this transition. It has become a movement. We call this movement the Conscious Capitalism Movement.

What is emerging is an economic practice that is conscious of the reality of limited resources and is scientifically setting up new more advanced systems that are able to manage the resources of the planet for the benefit of everyone and everything and everywhen. This system values advanced technologies and implements sustainability and ecological balance. It is based on the way Nature has been doing things for billions of years and, as we have demonstrated many times, it works!

What results has Conscious Capitalism achieved?

The Conscious Capitalism Movement evolved from the pioneer work of Dr. Victor Vernon Woolf in 1971 with his application of the scientific method to social consciousness. His “Gathering Place” organizations (UCCODAR) among the drug abuse population in Utah County saw the end of illegal drug pushing in the County (1973). The movement expanded rapidly, emptying out more than 80% of the State Mental Hospital until they were stopped by the Governor because the hospital was going to have to close (1977). The movement implemented changes in the State (Point of the Mountain) prison and gangs on the streets of Los Angeles, CA (1980). The framework became known as Holodynamics.

The extra-ordinary successes of Holodynamics in solving problems caught the attention of major corporations (Toyota, Boeing, Blues Sky Software, Bank of America, etc.) where the Unfolding Potential (UP) training programs focused on the systemic transformation of corporate culture. The scope of the training program included the conscious transformation of individuals, relationships, and entire corporate infrastructure and its culture relationship within society.

The Academy of Holodynamics (the Academy) was organized and in 1988. That same year Dr. Woolf was invited to serve as an Ambassador in the Soviet-American Dialogues for Peace held in Moscow, Russia. He co-chaired his first meeting with the heads of the Soviet Military that resulted in approval of the Holodynamic consciousness training program at every level of society in the Soviet Union. That same year the Holodynamic approach was approved by the Information Control Committee of the Soviet Union (because it is based on science) and the Academy was accredited by the Russian Academy of Natural Science.

Unfolding Potential programs sprang up in every major city in the Soviet Union where tens of thousands of students and leaders were trained and the Holodynamics of Conscious Capitalism. The Conscious Capitalism Movement emerged as people explored how to apply this information within their social systems. While the Holodynamic approach became a major influence in the transformation of the Soviet Union and the ending of the Cold War, one of its most significant results was the emergence of the Conscious Capitalism Movement.

Dr. Woolf actively promoted this movement throughout Russia and the Republics and, because of the impact of his work, the Russian Academy of Natural Science organized a special department of Holodynamics within their academy and presented Dr. Woolf with its most esteemed award for “Outstanding Contributions to Science and Society” (1996). Because of the impact of his teachings on Conscious Capitalism, the University of Irkutsk awarded Dr. Woolf a full professorship and a Doctorate Degree in Economics and Law (1996).

Since then action groups on Holodynamists have organized around the globe. In 2005 Dr. Woolf organized the International Academy of Holodynamics in the USA and Conscious Capitalism has emerged as an activist arm growing out of the Academy and a conglomeration of people, scientists and organizations have joined the Conscious Capitalism Movement.  The Academy is now organizing advanced training in Conscious Capitalism (coming soon). To review click here.

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