Premises of Conscious Capitalism

What are the Premises of Conscious Capitalism?

In brief, those who advocate Conscious Capitalism are aware that the earth is a conscious, holographic, multidimensional, living information system in which the laws of Nature operate according to enfolded fractal scalar laws that govern the form and operation of all bodies of the universe. The universe is one whole dynamic living system: i.e. holodynamic.

According to the best of science (accurate with predictable results), earth is a multidimensional holodynamic field of consciousness, where individuated information sets give for to everything, everyone and everywhen and all are connected in some dimension. Humans, like all life forms, operate within a larger symbiotic system that grows according to an implicate order in which both individuals and the collective consciousness are continually interacting and self-organizing from micro to macro. The result is an ever-increasing quality of consciousness.  We are evolving into a more mature species (if we don’t kill ourselves in the process).

Using this framework it is clear that the human race is currently going through the most rapid and dynamic transition in its history. Part of this transition deals with the economic system and the way we do business. It is a world-wide transition of capitalism and, on the crest of this wave is the Conscious Capitalism Movement. The implications for business are profound. In order to experience this change, three basic elements are necessary.

The Three basic elements necessary to experience Conscious Capitalism are:

  1. The application of the scientific method to social/economic dynamics.
  2. The implementation of new technologies into social design and infrastructure.
  3. Multidimensional information/social/resource management

The Scientific Method

We use scientific methodology because, of all the belief systems, religions, political ideologies and consciousness systems of humanity the scientific method has consistently produced the most predictable, positive and productive results. The scientific method moved us out of the dark ages and provided the foundation for the industrial revolution and the formulation of mankind’s progression into the space age. It is a universal methodology for unfolding potential and positive success.

When the scientific method is applied to our current economic/industrial situation, it becomes clear that, in order to balance our economic system so it becomes sustainable, we must establish a resource based economy.

The old monetary based system is not sustainable. It is driven by the profit motive and its requirements for the continual cyclic consumption of limited resources and creates inferior products with built-in obsolesce that promotes mass destruction of precious resources.

We must transform the profit incentive (that creates the illusion of deprivation stimulating greed and crime and an incessant drive to hoard and consume) into a new state of being that balances our relationship with Nature and resources.

We know that the profit incentive is woven into the entire social fabric of business, governance, education, religion, relationships and social systems. It is creating one of the most dysfunctional and destructive societies in the history of humanity. In order to survive we must change this entire system. The good news is that this system is changing and it cannot be stopped. Change is built in and now is the time for creating the change.

We live in a finite world and yet we are consuming resources like a wildfire out of control. It has become a fundamental necessity to apply the scientific method to our social/economic system and take control of the management of our resources on a global level. As we do this, everything changes. Our old “caterpillar” mentality transforms and what emerges is a mature, sustainable society.

It’s true that there has been an insurgence of new information that has resulted in an explosion of population which has increased the demands for food, shelter, water and other natural resources. We still have the resources to intelligently manage our resources so that everyone can achieve a high standard of live.

What compounds the difficulty is that our old belief systems were never designed to handle today’s challenges and our belief systems have a mind of their own. They are immature life forms (holodynes) that are self-perpetuating and resistant to change. Transformation begins with the micro and thus our internal belief systems must become more conscious of the reality in which we live.

Society today is much more complex than our ancestors ever imagined. In order to survive we must adapt to what is happening in the world around us and within us. We must become conscious of the power of our beliefs. Like the caterpillar, we must change from micro to macro and unfold our potential as individuals and as groups and as a collective society. As a developmental psychologist Dr. Woolf’s research has identified the implicate order by which everything grows (including our holodynes) and has demonstrated in multiple modes, how the process of transformation works for humans. For more details, see Holodynamics: How to develop and manage your personal power (1990) by Victor Vernon Woolf.

It is now possible to apply this information in the transformation of our old outmoded, destructive economic models and practices and our belief systems about our economic models. As capitalists become more conscious and apply the scientific method into their internal and external economic/monetary dynamics it is possible to unfold the potential of future business.

What emerges is truly amazing and so surpasses anything ever achieved by humans that, for many, it is not deemed possible. But for those who are already doing it, it is reality. Even the most ardent skeptics are convinced (as long as they are open skeptics).

To the scientist the patterns of how we do business are woven into the fabric of our society and yet it is possible to change these patterns because all information sets in all dimensions are in the process of evolving and improving the quality of their own consciousness. Everything, including the enfolded holodynes, is in the process of evolution.

As a Developmental Psychologist, the primary goal of Dr. Woolf’s life has been focused on increasing the quality of consciousness from micro to macro so society will become more consciously sustainable. This same goal is extended into the Activist’s program of the Conscious Capitalism Movement.

Our entire social system is becoming more scientific and our values are shifting from the old belief systems that set up the monetary based profit economics in the first place, to a more conscious resource based economic system. To do this, the Conscious Capitalist Movement is spreading throughout the globe and Wall Street and the Main Street cannot escape its impact. People will survive. We will be sustainable. One step along the way is to embrace new technologies.

New Technologies

The technologies necessary for sustainability have been (and are being) invented but, in our society, the longest distance in the world seems to be the distance between the invention of new technology and their accepted place in society.

One reason for this is that the old monetary, profit-based continual growth model of economics deliberately rewards distancing from new technologies. The oil companies kill the electric car. The coal companies hinder the development of solar farms. Like the old caterpillar cells that try to kill the new imaginal cells that create the butterfly, we, the imaginal cells of societies of the future, must proliferate in spite of the resistance. We are more than consumers. We can fly.

Still, where the shadows are the deepest, the brightest light is present. In the modern world, advancements in science and technology have shown that every problem is caused by its potential solution. Solutions emerge from micro to macro and they are appearing everywhere. (Just a side note: from Holodynamics we learn we planned it that way. Solutions often exist in dimensions that are not immediately evident and our job is to access solutions and manifest the solutions. We are the solutions. Our job on earth is to manifest solutions.)

As we use a scientific approach and begin to explore reality, new dimensions, new technologies and new solutions begin to appear. Below we have outlined some examples: multidimensional information management; automation; effective resource discovery, recovery and management; renewable energy; ample supply of nutritious food; amply supplies of clean water; ample housing; clean transportation; universal security; quality education; conscous governance and other essential ingredients for sustainability.

What follows is the Storyboard of the Conscious Capitalist Activist. By clicking on a box on the Storyboard, you will be linked to the subject. While this is only the beginning of the Storyboard, anyone can add to it and, if you are the solution, please let us know by clicking here.

Storyboard of the Conscious Capitalist Activist

MULTIDIMENSIONAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENTComputer software that can access any platform, reorganize the data and deliver it in multiple dimensions in a Holodynamic Holosphere for universal easy access.
AUTOMATIONThe use of automated machines and robots to do the mundane work needed for sustainability.
RESOURCE MANAGEMENTThe use of a multidimensional information management system to identify, recovers, manufacture and distribute resources of the planet on an equalitarian basis.
WASTE MANAGEMENTRemediation Parks that harvest precious resources from community and industrial wastes and clean up pollution everywhere
COMMUNICATIONPersonal transceivers that communicate in high definition 3 dimensional video on multiple channels that access the internet
MANUFACTURINGThe automated production of products needed for sustainability
ENERGYThe development of renewable energy sources that provide more than enough energy for all human needs
TRANSPORTATIONPollution free vehicles that operate on renewable self sustainable energy and harvest pollutants out of the environment as they travel
FOODThe ability to grow hundreds of times more food in volume per gallon of water and per acre of land within controlled environments
WATERThe location, purification and distribution of clean water anywhere on the planet
HOUSINGProviding living, intelligent homes, offices and manufacturing plants for everyone
EDUCATIONConscious education using tracks and clusters and providing multiple dimensions of information and skill training for all ages

The systemic organization of this system begins with the development of the multidimensional information management system and progresses through to setting up a comprehensive automation systems so resource management can be implemented in a scientific manner.

This allows for the integration of each of the other dimensions of a sustainable community.

The Conscious Capitalism system of a sustainable community is constantly responding to its environment. One of its functions will be to implement new technologies into its system. Below is a brief description of some of the technologies mentioned on the Story Board above.

Multidimensional Information Management: In order to establish sustainability in this age of information it is necessary to effectively manage the information. Otherwise, the system can be contaminated or people will become overwhelmed by the amount of information or by misinformation from enfolded dimensions and chaos results. New technology allows scientific management of information in multiple dimensions which can immediately identify and organize and expose misinformation so its source can be processed, transformed or deleted.

Conscious Capitalist Activists have designed and implemented an advanced information management system that is capable of accessing any information platform; organizing the information and redistributing it in an organized manner. They are setting up the Holodynamic Holosphere that gives access to all information available on any specific subject and holds that information on the holosphere as you explore through any related subject.

This system is in its infancy but is operative within the judicial system of the Province of Alberta, Canada and is being assimilated by other judicial systems. A judge, for example, has available to him at the touch of a button on the computer in front of him while he sits on the bench, any information the court has access to concerning a specific case. To read further, click here.

The potential applications of this multidimensional information management system for the future include all aspects of sustainable communities from personal, to systemic to global strategic alliances and resource allocations. Programs are being created for consciousness patterning, technology assessment, priority assessment, project support and other aspects of sustainability.

It is considered self evident that every aspect of communities of the future will be involved in using the scientific method for multidimensional information management. This moves resource management outside of the old belief systems of scarcity, economic, military, political or religious control and the related war games, and scientifically puts resources where they are needed without middle men.

With information management there is no need for in between agents. Banks, armies, money, crime, illness and other social ills, disappear.

Automation: Some solutions come from automation. The automation of agricultural improved both the quality and amount of food produced. New technologies have been improving the human condition for centuries. In fact, statistically speaking, the more we have applied mechanization to labor, the more productive things have become. Almost everything in modern life has resulted from improved automation. With mature consciousness products can last for lifetimes and, if they should naturally wear out, they can be constructed for maximum recycling. Any items that have a short life span can be substituted for alternative products.

From this view, it is negligent for us to waste our tremendous creative potential waiting tables, working at a bus station, fixing cars, or other repetitive, monotonous jobs that can be automated. It is also irresponsible for us not to apply modern mechanization techniques to every industry possible because, except for strategic resource management, automation is a practical way to achieve balance and abundance for the people of the world. Automation can predictably free help people, make crime unnecessary and generate balance in the biosphere.

In other words, it is time to update society to present day knowledge, taking the carrying capacity of the earth into account and realigning our methods based, not on the reward of monetary gain, but by establishment of conscious, scientific, social and biologically balance sustainability as a whole.

Even with our current, destructive methods, we still have time. The Earth is still abundant with resources when we assess resources with new technology. The Ferris bonds that accumulate around the gold and platinum metals, for example, have hidden the true amount of these precious metals from view. New technology allows us to identify and extract such metals. Our old practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant and counter-productive to the well-being of people. There is another way. For more details, click here.

Resources: The planet has limited resources and we have been harvesting these resources, manufacturing products with built-in obsolescence, selling them and then, after an average use period of about six months, destroying these resources by dumping 99.1% of them in a landfill or incinerating them. The result is that, within less than 25 years, we will run out of most resources. Three basic changes must occur if we expect to survive:

  1. Multidimensional Information Management of all resources on the planet
  2. Effective Waste Management, Retrieval and Manufacturing of Products
  3. Reestablishing our Balanced Connection with Nature

Only by establishing a multidimensional information management system can we know what resources are available and establish a reasonable process for harvesting these resources and distributing them. Without this system in place, resources will be subjected to the ancient practices of hording, theft and mismanagement. These technologies are now available.

Effective waste management is essential because, unless we establish effective management systems, including recycling and retrieval, we will run out of resources. Using a hybrid super plasmic arc it is possible to retrieve almost 100% of the resources within municipal waste system (garbage dumps, landfills, sewage treatment plants) and capture our industrial wastes.

Conscious Capitalist Activists are creating Remediation Parks that retrieve all precious resources (see: We know how to clean up the waters of the world, the 1500 super funded pollution sites in the USA and all other pollution sites on the planet, including the tar sand sites in Canada and the pollution in our atmosphere.

Our reconnection with Nature is essential to sustainability. Our war with Nature is over. The processes used by Nature for billions of years are still applicable to humans and our lifestyles must change in order to survive. We must come into balance with the biosphere. We can design our cities with a minimal carbon footprint, plant gardens, reforest and conserve our water. We can form into collaborative groups to share our machines and other “stuff.” Access is more important than ownership. Conscious Capitalists collaborate. They don’t need to “own” anything. They share everything.

Conscious Capitalists have developed advanced ore extraction techniques. They implement responsible design and manufacturing processes. They conserve resources and apply comprehensive, effective world-wide governance, manufacturing and distribution of resources.

Resource Management: Using our multidimensional information management technologies, global communication networks and new assessment techniques, it is possible to identify all resources on the planet. We can also create assessment processes for all reasonable needs of every human and easily provide more than enough for a very high standard of living for everyone. This is possible through the implementation of new technologies within a conscious scientific Resource-Based Economy.

Within this framework it is possible to utilize existing resources (rather than money), and provide an equitable method of distribution in the most humane and efficient manner for the entire population. In this system all natural, man-made, machine-made, and synthetic resources become available without the use of money, credits, barter, or any other form of symbolic exchange.

A mature natural economy utilizes existing resources from the land, sea and sky. It allows humans to establish effective means of production, such as physical equipment and industrial plants, to enhance the lives of the total population. The entire system can be managed based upon the use of the scientific method and technology.

In an economy based on resources, conservation and the most advanced methods of science and technology, we can easily produce all of the necessities of life and provide a high standard of living for all. To do this, we have to overcome our dependency on the current, outdated, establishment belief systems and their destructive practices. This is the purpose of the Conscious Capitalism Movement: to create a global awareness of this transition into a new, sustainable direction for humanity as a whole and assist in its implementation.

Energy: New technologies provide an endless supply of renewable energy. Here are some of the options that are now available:

  1. Oil, Coal and Gas: The earth has enough carbon based energy supplies to last humans at least another 3500 years at their present rate of use including projected expansions of use. In reality there is no shortage and no immediate real concern about future supplies. The cyclic oil “crisis” is created and proliferated by those who use the old economic model in order to make money so they have more power in the monetary system that governs the old society. Even the “oil wars” are created to control oil and other carbon based supplies so they can maintain their manufactured positions of power and charge exaggerated prices. It costs about 25 cents to harvest a barrel of oil from a well. It costs $80.00 or more to buy a barrel of oil on the market.At the same time, these carbon cartels have proven so removed from their environment that they continue to resist taking any responsibility for the billions of tons of carbon pollution their product is spewing into the environment each year. It’s not just from the continual oil spills like those in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s also from the pollution from automobiles and other combustion engines and endless pollution from industry.New technologies, such as catalytic cohesion and the hybrid super plasmic arc can help clean up oil spills, create clean burning of combustion fuels in industrial plants, homes and vehicles, produce extra energy and nano carbons at the same time without releasing any pollutants into the environment. Any sustainable community requires a low carbon footprint and the technology is available to produce it. Click here for details.
  2. Nuclear Thorium Hybrids: In light of the extreme danger to the environment that nuclear plants emit, new technology has been developed that combines Uranium with Thorium to produce a nuclear thorium hybrid whose pollution is relatively harmless. It can be stored safely in a glass jar. So far the coal and oil cartels have blocked the construction of the Nuclear Thorium Hybrid plants. One reason may be that thorium is readily available in most parts of the planet and is very cheap. Yet, in spite of these resistances, sustainable communities of the future will be able to utilize nuclear thorium hybrid plants with literally no threat to the environment. Click here for more details.
  3. Water: There is enough energy within flowing water to provide a thousand times more energy than humans could ever use. Blue Energy Inc., for example, has technology that harvests the energy from rivers by building energy capturing devices under bridges providing the community with an endless supply of energy without endangering the wildlife in the stream. They also have technologies that capture tidal flow both from the rising and falling tide. The Gulf Stream, in the oceans, also provides an endless supply of ocean energy that can be harvested (see for details). There is no scarcity of energy.
  4. Solar: New technologies concerning solar cells are expanding so rapidly that it is difficult to keep up with all the improvements being made. At the time of this writing, solar cells have become so efficient they now capture 96% of the solar rays including ultraviolet rays. They can also be encased in liquid making solar tracking no longer necessary. One of the Associates of the Academy is in charge of putting solar cells on the roofs of the schools in India and Asia (see of the most exciting improvements is the creation of solar paint. Mass production of solar cells is now being accomplished by spraying solar paint onto continual runs of thin metal plates that are cut into solar cells. Solar cells are becoming less expensive.Painting the inside of your home with solar paint will supply you with all the energy you need to power your electric utilities and power systems. Painting the outside of your house could supply you will all the power needed to run your vehicles and equipment. Painting your car or other vehicles can provide you with 24 hour a day recharging capacity.Placing a super capacitor battery inside your vehicle will run your car for 10,000 miles without a recharge. If you use one of the computers that produce an 18 foot print out, you can design your car paint job on the computer, print whatever amazing design you want on special contact paper and paste it onto your vehicle. The contact paper paint job is 3 times as resistant to corrosion, will last a lifetime and provides you with a wonderful automated recharge system for your super capacitor battery. Click here for details.
  5. Wind: New wind turbines are small, efficient, and environmentally clean. They do not harm birds or other life forms and are silent. They can fit on the top of buildings or homes or anywhere the wind currents justify installations. A turbine the size of a man can generate 5 KW an hour with as low as a three mile an hour wind. Wind spans the globe and potentially, wind turbines can make a major contribution to the energy needs of the planet. Click here for more details.
  6. Geothermal: In most places on the planet the temperature stays at about 57 degrees Fahrenheit at about 8 feet below the surface regardless of the surface temperature. In cold zones anything constructed below this level will help buffer the cold. In hot zones the same proves true. New technologies allow the use of this buffer zone to the advantage of inhabitants. It also allows for the tapping of deeper geothermal regions: the deeper you dig the hotter it usually gets. Some geothermal zones reach high temperatures within a few feet of the surface. Just 20 miles north of Santa Barbara, California the temperature is 800 degrees four feet below the surface. Geothermal plants around the globe tap into this endless source of energy which can be utilized in sustainable communities.
  7. Fluctuating Electro Magnetics: Fluctuating electronic motors are capable of continuous operations. Cars or trucks with these motors do not have to be turned off and operate as mobile electric generators where needed in some communities.
  8. Biochemistry: Certain types of microbes are capable of converting bio mass into fuel. In certain conditions biochemical sites can produce energy in highly efficient computer controlled processes providing a renewable source of energy.
  9. Cassimere Forces: When two metal plates are placed in close proximity a continual force is created (Cassimere Force). When certain crystalline substances are placed in between the plates a continuous electric current is created that is sufficient to run automobiles, trucks, trains or other vehicles. Research shows that, after more than 56 weeks of continuous running, the apparatus was taken apart and showed no sign of wear or tear. A “wafer” the size of a Diehard battery produces enough energy to continuously run an electric truck.
  10. Cold Fusion: Experiments run by the University of Utah and Brigham Young University demonstrated that, by putting one unit of energy through a pure palladium crystal it was possible to receive back 5000 units of energy. The process was discounted when the University of Texas could not replicate the process (they evidently did not use a pure palladium crystal) but two years later the technology was purchased by a Japanese firm. Shortly thereafter at the World Energy Conference in Las Vegas the process showed up in a “suitcase” that was plugged into the Convention Hall wall. It was announced that the suitcase was providing the energy for the convention, all the energy displays and the casino. It was a cold fusion device. Evidently it takes a suitcase sized container to create 10,000K of energy.

All life forms have an innate right to energy and there is plenty to go around. It can be freely distributed under a resource controlled economy.

Food: The planet is capable of producing thousands of times more food than is currently in production or could ever be consumed by humans. In reality there is no shortage of food only a shortage of responsible management. Using, for example, the new technology of reconstruction of water, it is possible to produce up to 30 times more food by volume per gallon of water. Using multi tiered plats and hydroponics it is possible to increase the amount by up to 100 times. We have only begun to tap the amount of food that can be produced in the oceans and deserts. The fact that half the children in the world go to bed hungry every night is indicative of a deeper problem: lack of responsible conscious growing processing, management and distribution of food. Food is a natural resource.

Water: Two thirds of the planet is covered with water. Hidden streams of pristine water flow under the surface of the continents and, with new technologies, this water can be accessed even in remote areas. Desalination processes and life saving filters make possible the reforestation of the deserts and the reclamation of lands for food production. Water molecules hold memories that, by the time the water has been processed through current water treatment plants and reaches the taps of most suburban homes, it is so coagulated with chemicals that the cells of the human body must work hard in order to absorb it. New technologies allow water to be processed through phi ratio fractal conjugation processes that turn it literally the “dead” water into “living” water so the cells can readily absorb it. Living water generates improved health (see:

Housing: Certain materials and architectural designs generate life within buildings. New technologies allow people and animals to live in living structures that are fire proof, impervious to corrosion, extreme weather, earth quakes and are equipped with intelligent, renewable energy systems. They are also responsive to the environment, effective in transforming wastes and designed to provide for growing food. They are prefabricated and come in units of various sizes that can be fit together like Lego blocks and adapted to the needs of the inhabitants. They can be stacked (as in the Venus Project) and contain all the communication and entertainment faculties available.

Transportation: Sustainable communities construct durable roads infused with nano carbons and sensory systems that allow vehicles automatic driving and crash avoidance. Cross walks electronically signal both pedestrians and drivers when someone is in the cross walk and cross roads automatically control the speed of oncoming vehicles so the entire flow of traffic is intelligently controlled.

Electric vehicles contain new, more efficient electric motors that are powered by super capacity batteries that are continually recharged by solar paint that covers the vehicle. Super capacity batteries can be recharged easily and provide enough power to run a car for 10,000 miles without a recharge.

Vehicles can be powered by a variety of motors including pollution-free combustion engines that clean any carbon dioxide exhaust via micro super plasmic arc filters that produce only pure energy or nano carbons that are collected on an electric grid and sold on the market.

Cars, trucks, busses, trains, boats, motorcycles and even airplanes can bepowered by these new batteries or by wafers, fluctuating electromagnetic motors, cold fusion, or other self renewable non polluting energy generating systems.

Communication: New technologies allow all information to become available to anyone through the Internet, satellite personal transceivers (computers, phones, faxes, I-pods, mass media, etc.). The development of multidimensional information management systems allow people to access and send information in more comprehensive, inclusive and expansive ways allowing more effective management of all dimensions of reality. Resources on the entire planet can be assessed and intelligently assigned to their priority functions. The needs of each individual can be fed into the communication system and the necessary needs can be provided by the collective.

Governance: Technology allows decisions to be made based on science. Old dysfunctional belief systems are not necessary. Everything needed is provided by the scientific programming of human needs. All resources are managed to meet these needs. The old monetary system no longer exists, there is no need to steal because everyone has whatever they need and no one will buy anything because everything is free. Old government systems no longer exist. Old boundaries are meaningless. Corporations no longer “buy” candidates because the issues are not left in the hands of private self interests. Decisions are made by the individuals using the scientific process.

Wellness: Health and wellness is developed and supported within a multidimensional framework that is aware of the Holodynamics of a health society. Integrative medicine includes a process wherein all the ancient disease treatment processes are included in the healing process along with all the new information and technologies of modern medicine. In a holographic universe it becomes possible to put health and wellness into a wider framework where personal, family and social dynamics, including all belief systems, morays, taboos, myths and traditions can be integrated into the treatment process. The entire community is able to step out of all the polarization games currently being played and step into the state of being healthy as individuals and a community.

Ecological Balance: In order for these technologies to be developed we must establish ecological balance. We must reconnect with Nature. Ecological balance cannot be established within a monetary system that is driven by the profit incentive with its framework that demands making the most competitive product in its consumer-cyclic consumption and fiscal manipulative process that ignores the environment and profits from pollution. In order to have ecological balance we must have a resource-based economy and a multidimensional information management system.

Resource Based Economy: A resource based economy is framed within the assumption that while the earth has limited resources there are more than enough to meet all the needs of the human race if they are developed and governed by scientific methodologies to serve the needs of everyone. New technologies allow for the accurate gathering of information from every corner of the planet. This information can be accessed by everyone and used to evaluate the needs of every person, family and organization. Resources can be made available to meet the needs of everyone. There is no need for the old monetary system because nothing has a price. There is no theft because everyone has what they need and no one will buy any stolen articles because there is no value to anything that is free. There is no money so there is no need for banks.

There is no need for passports because there are no borders.  People travel freely throughout the world. There is no need for regional governments because everything is self governing, connected through a multidimensional information management system that allows accurate, self-organizing information to be supplied to every situation using a scientific process. When something does not work, action is taken to correct the situation. Humans are free to pursue the unfolding of their potential and climb to heights beyond what we can imagine.

Security: There is no cause for war because everything needed is supplied. Old war games stop. Criminal behavior, mental illnesses, addictive habits and man’s inhumanity to man, will cease. Security is found within as the quality of consciousness of each person improves. While this may seem like a euphoric dream to some, all this is already being done. The knowledge of how to do it is available to anyone at the touch of a button.

For more information about Activist projects, click here.

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