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Thank you for your interest in joining the Holodynamics network to create a sustainable future through conscious capitalism. We look forward to sharing this eventful journey together. In order to create a meaningful network of like-minded others, please fill out the required fields below. You will be notified at a future date when information is available that relates to your field of interest.

Conscious Capitalism is an outgrowth of the Holodynamic program on Social Consciousness (Course V). Its purpose is to assist in the change from a monetary based economy to a resource based economy. In order to reach this goal the Academy provides an ongoing series of training and consultation services. The text for this series is the Conscious Capitalism Manifesto: Holodynamic Business which provides the scientific basis for the movement. The consultation/training program follows the 14 Elements outline that gives questions we ask and services we provide according to the specific needs of each organization enrolled. This is an ongoing program and anyone can join (for more information or to register. fill in the form below).

(networks, skills, inventories, financing, etc.)
Current projects and actions you are now taking to support sustainability and conscious capitalism.

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